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Getting Started with Marketplacester

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Welcome to Marketplacester, the official online directory of marketplaces for sellers.

If you are new to our directory or to selling through marketplaces, you may want to begin by reviewing the glossary of terms used on this website.  Understanding the various ways that marketplaces can be classified and how this information helps you as a seller will help you explore the directory and find the marketplaces that are of most interest to you.

Browsing the Directory
To begin with, start by browsing the marketplace directory.  You can do this from the home page of your account, or by clicking the "Marketplace Directory" link in the menu on the side of this page.  This will let you browse the full collections of marketplaces where you could be selling your products, and let you browse by the type of marketplace you are interested in selling on.

Searching the Directory
The search feature allows you to select marketplaces by any criteria that you choose.  When you first visit the search page, you will have a text box to search for any term you are looking for, or you can use the values shown below that form to select specific criteria.  You do not need to enter an actual search term.  For example, if you would like to see the online marketplaces that allow you to sell your products free of any charges, simply visit the search page and select the "Completely Free" option in the "Cost Model" dropdown, and then click the "Search" button.

After clicking the Search button, your results will be shown below the search form based on your selections.

NOTE: If you perform many searches, you may want to use the "Clear Selections" button to reset all of your search criteria and start over with a new search.

Reviewing and Selecting Marketplaces
As you review the directory and specific marketplaces, you can decide if you are interested in selling on this marketplace.  We provide links to the various seller pages on each marketplace for more information, and you can evaluate each potential marketplace for how well it matches your sales objectives.

If you have your own website already and are looking to build traffic and sales to your own site, there are many benefits for Search Engine Optimization that come from selling on marketplace websites.  To learn more on how to evaluate the SEO benefit of a particular marketplace, please review our glossary of terms to see how to use this information for your own sales and SEO efforts.

Saving Marketplaces as Favorites
You can click on the star and link for "Add to Favorites" that is found on every marketplace page.  This will save the marketplace to your account as a favorite, and let you easily jump back to it at any time.  You can access your saved marketplaces by clicking the link for "My Favorite Marketplaces" on the menu on the side of this page.  If a marketplace is already saved to your account and you wish to remove it, you can click the "Remove from Favorites" link found on any marketplace pages that you have marked as a Favorite.

Saved Searches
You can use the Saved Search feature to easily come back to any list of search results that you wish to save as you evaluate the marketplaces you are interested in.  To save a search, simply go to the Search page and perform the specific search with any criteria that you wish.  On the results page, you will see a link on the right side of the page above your results that is titled "Save Search".  Clicking this link will save the search to your account.  You can access all of your saved searches by using the "My Favorite Searches" menu item on the side of this page.

Email Alerts of New Marketplaces
If you would like to receive automated email alerts of new marketplaces added to the directory that match your criteria, this is easily done by using a Saved Search.  Once you have saved a specific search to your account, you will see a checkbox to "Subscribe to Daily Updates" on your page of saved searches.  Checking this box will allow you to receive an email alert whenever a new marketplace is added to the directory that matches your search.

Report a Listing
If you find any problems with any listing in our directory, please use the Report Listing link found on the specific marketplace listing page.  We do verify the accuracy of all information in our directory and constantly review it, but if you are aware of any problems at all please let us know.

Recommend a Marketplace
If you are curious about any marketplaces that you know of which you do not find in the directory, please use the "Suggest a Marketplace" form found on the menu to let us know.  We will evaluate it and potentially add it to the directory so that you can easily compare it to the others you find here.