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Glossary of Terms

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Marketplace Type
This is the classification of the type of business model for the marketplace.  We have currently cataloged the following types of marketplaces:

Auctions follow a bidding model in a variety of formats.  Typically you will list an item for sale and specify a starting price or a reserve price (the minimum value that you will allow it to sell for).  They are time-based listings that will expire, and if there is a winning bidder you will have made a sale of that product.

Classified listings sites, such as Craigslist, are typically single item listings for a product or service for sale.  They are typically time based but do not expire automatically when you have a buyer.  Buyers are directed to whatever information you provide in your listing descriptions, and can be a great way to send new buyer traffic to your site for free or at a low cost.

Comparison Shopping
Comparison Shopping sites allow you to specify the products you sell and at what price, and provide shoppers with an easy to use way to compare pricing across merchants.  Your listing will show on the site for any products that you sell, and the site will typically send the buyer directly to your site to learn more or to purchase.  While some of the cost models vary, these types of marketplaces typically charge you per visitor they send to your site (pay per click).

Marketplace / Storefront
These marketplaces provide you with a complete virtual storefront for selling your products.  You will typically configure your seller account and list your products, and they are shown with all other products from all sellers on the marketplace.  A user will typically purchase the item on the marketplace site, and you receive the order to fulfill.  In most cases the transaction is handled by the marketplace and you receive the funds from the marketplace directly.  These marketplaces can be a great way to extend your full product line and business into an entire marketplace at once and they handle the marketing and traffic generation for you.

Deals and Coupon Sites
There is an increasing trend in marketplaces that bring special deals, promotions, and coupons to bargain shoppers looking for specific items or promotions on products to buy.  These marketplaces will allow you to list a special promotion or coupon code for a discount on a purchase from your store.  They will typically require you to have either your own website or physical store where the promotion can be redeemed for a purchase by a buyer.

Cost Model Types
Marketplaces have a variety of cost models based on their business model and structure.  These available cost models include:

Completely Free
There are no charges to sell on this marketplace.  Some marketplaces have a free option with a paid premium upgrade.

Free Listing
It is free to list your product for sale on this marketplace.  In some cases, there is a sales commission fee linked to the listing if you sell the product, or in others there is no commission and it is a completely free marketplace.

Listing Fee
There is a fee required to list your item for sale on the marketplace.

Pay Per Click
You will pay a set fee for each click that your product listing on this marketplace generates.

Sales Commission
Upon a successful sale the marketplace will take a commission amount or percentage for generating the sale for you.

There is a subscription fee for selling on this marketplace and listing your products to its users.

Cost Model Description
In addition to the general cost model type, we have included a description for that particular marketplace for their general payment structure and options available as a merchant for selling on that particular marketplace.

Merchant Info Link
This is the link to the specific page on the marketplace describing the detailed information and terms for becoming a seller on that particular marketplace.  This is where to look if you have selected a marketplace that is of interest and want to review the detailed terms and conditions of selling on the site.

Merchant Signup Page
This is the quick link to the signup page for getting started as a merchant on that particular marketplace website.

Public Merchant Profile Page?
Many marketplaces will give you a public merchant profile page when you create your account as a seller.  This can add value to you as a merchant in several ways, providing an additional web presence for your store and business as a reputable seller online.  In addition, it can potentially give you a Search Engine Optimization advantage by providing content about your business name and other keywords on another external website.  This field in the directory tells you quickly whether or not the particular marketplace provides you with a publicly available merchant profile that you can use and reference.

Can link to your site?
Some marketplaces will allow you to link to your main website from either your product listings or your merchant profile.  This provides an advantage to you as a seller by directing buyers to your primary website to purchase from you directly.  It also aids in your Search Engine Optimization and search rankings by providing a valuable link from a related site, further increasing your visibility in search engines through link building.

Merchant account required?
A merchant account refers to the ability to accept and process credit cards directly from your buyers.  Some marketplaces will handle the transaction entirely on their site and distribute the funds to you directly.  In this scenario you do not need a merchant account of your own to accept credit cards directly and selling is very easy.  If you run your own website or sell from a marketplace where you are required to process the payment, then you will need a merchant account or other means of payment.  These can include the use of or other payment gateway, or Paypal, Google Checkout, or other means of accepting payment.  If you do not have the ability to process your own payments from your own website, then you will want to look for marketplaces that handle the complete transaction for you where this is not required.

Limit on product listings?
Some marketplaces will put a limit on the number of products that you can list in a given time period.  Others allow you to list an unlimited number of products for sale from your account.  This field shows you quickly whether or not there is a quantity limit on the number of products you can list on that marketplace.

Bulk product loading?
Many marketplaces will allow you to upload all of your product listings at once using a file, while some require you to add products one at a time.  If the ability to load many products at once is important to you, look for marketplaces that support bulk product loading options.

Many marketplaces have specific restrictions on what kinds of products are allowed to be sold.  Some marketplaces allow only specialty items, while others will allow any products to be sold.  This field outlines the posted restrictions from that particular marketplace allowing you to quickly see if it is a fit for your products.

Google PageRank
This is the ranking that Google gives to the specific marketplace domain name, and is a beneficial feature to know when evaluating a marketplace.  It will range from 0-10, and the higher number indicates a higher value site with higher traffic volumes.  If you are looking for more popular marketplaces with higher traffic volumes, or if you are trying to build your own Search Engine Optimization through your marketplace listings, look for those with a higher PageRank value.

Alexa Ranking
This is the ranking from the Alexa service, which ranks the popularity of websites on the internet against each other.  For example, an Alexa rank of 1 means it is the most popular trafficked site on the internet.  The major marketplaces will be in the top 1000 Alexa rankings, while websites with medium levels of traffic will be much higher.  This field can be used to measure the relative traffic and popularity of any particular marketplace as compared to any other.  The lower the Alexa rank is, the better visibility and traffic the website has.

Domain Age
This field gives you an indication of how long the particular marketplace has been operating or on the internet.  It is one factor in the Search Engine Optimization value of a listing on the marketplace, and also lets you easily see whether the marketplace is brand new or well established.

Alexa Traffic Graphs
These graphs show the official traffic history and trends from the Alexa service for that particular marketplace.  This information will help you see the relative traffic volume of the marketplace as compared to overall internet traffic.  For example, you can easily see if the traffic trend is increasing or decreasing for a particular marketplace, as well as what kind of relative traffic volumes the website gets. 

The daily reach graph will show you the volume of unique users (or shoppers) that a website gets each day as a percentage of overall traffic.  Popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon will top the charts, while relatively new marketplaces with lower traffic volumes will have low levels.

The traffic rank shows you the overall traffic volume for the website as a percentage of overall traffic.  This differs from the users in that it is total traffic of the site.

The daily pageviews rank shows you overall page views from all users on that site and whether it is trending up or down over time.

Favorites and Saved Searches
Marketplacester allows you to save any marketplaces to your "favorites", allowing you to easily keep a list of the ones you are interested in or actively selling on.  Since we have a large directory of marketplaces and add more every day, this feature helps you easily keep track of the ones you care about.

You can also configure any "saved searches" in your account.  This feature lets you specify the types of marketplaces you are most interested in, and easily jump to that list of results at any time.  Additionally, if you would like to receive automated email alerts when a new marketplace is added to the directory that fits into your area of interest, you can check the box when entering a saved search to have any new marketplace additions that fit the criteria automatically emailed to you.